Jordie Hennigar is a self taught photographer who currently resides on the west coast of Canada, in the small surf town of Tofino.  She mainly focuses on portraiture, and has travelled to London, Paris and New York with her work.   Her work is a look into her struggle with  mental health, the photos you see are the result of her camera being the only thing to motivate her push back her limitations of self, and sometimes this looks like leaving the house and relying on her eye through the lens to keep staying present and connected to the world.'.


' Any time I thought to myself about giving up, I stopped, because there is no option to give up this medium, it is part of me, a deep fundamental part of my soul, it is what gives me life. 

Jordie currently resides in Tofino, Canada -- but you can find her globetrotting at any time.


Box 804

Tofino, British Columbia

V0R 2Z0


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